Gattuso: We miss a lot of things

Milan Guttuso, Milan’s coach, was very pleased with his team after winning 2-2 at Bologna in a 35th round of the A Series. ‘Rosoneri’ broke down a series of negative results and continued their struggle to stand up for Europa League.

“The fight with Bologna was not that easy, and we went into the fight in a week, when there was a lot of tension coming from the loss of Benvenuto.” In the last 15 minutes we were better than the opponent in the first half. second half, “Gattuso started for Milan TV.

“We had a lot of things, but we were not able to take advantage, our biggest mistake was that we allowed Bologna to return to the match, it is no coincidence that Giacomo Bonaventura is the team’s top scorer, but it is a downside that Suzo and Patrick Crotone missed out you are, “commented the coach.