Juve suffered long on Wembley but did not surrender and slew Tottenham’s dreams for three minutes

Juventus has eliminated Tottenham from the Champions League after winning a remarkable 2-1 win at Wembley and a 4: 3 overall score for the 1/4 finals. Spurs dominated most of the game and deservedly took a shot at Son Hyun-Min (39 ‘) and the guests did not manage to score a shot for more than an hour. However, Gonzalo Iguaine led the “bianconers” to a turnaround in less than three minutes. The Argentine equalized in the 64th and in the 67th assists Paulo Diballa for the final 1: 2. At the last minute and the beam helped Juve after Harry Kane’s head hit. Tottenham became the first English team to be eliminated in the Champions League this season.

Host manager Mauricio Pocetino made two changes compared to the first match. Keuron Tripir started to the right of the defense instead of Serge Orie. Expected Son Hyun-Min starts at the expense of Eric Lamela.
Andrea Bardzali was preferred to Mattia De Shilio on the right wing of Juve’s defense. Gonzalo Iguaine, Paulo Diballa and Douglas Kosta started in front. Blessed Matthew returned after missing the first match, while Mario Manjukic, Federico Bernardeski and Juan Quadrado missed the match because of injuries. The duel began with a controversial situation after the first minute Benatiya cleared a center in the penalty area of ​​the guests, but the ball also met the defender’s hand. A signal did not follow.

Two minutes later, Kane took Son to the left. The Koreans dealt with Bardzali and fired hard in the near corner, but Buffon slaughtered. Juventus quickly stepped into the pace of the hosts and in the seventh minute created some tension before the door of Loris. Center centered, but inches did not reach Iguaine’s head.

At the 14th minute, Eriken took Cain into the penalty area, and Kellini made a sword where the ball met his hand, and then Benita intervened. Tottenham striker demanded a penalty, but a signal did not follow again, although the repetitions showed that there might have been grounds for it. The pressure of the Spurs continued, and two minutes later, Cane had a pull pass again, this time by Dele Ali. The attacker overcame Chiellini, then passed along Buffon, but the angle became small and his shot went sideways.

In the 17th minute, Juventus suffered a defeat after a counterattack of the Vertongen team tripped to the penalty area Douglas Kosta. Chief Referee Simon Marcinjak, however, signaled the game to continue despite the stormy protests of the yellow players surrounding him.

The duel continued to develop at a very high pace. In the 20th minute Buffon had to intervene decisively for the second time after Son’s head hit. Shortly thereafter, the Korean, who was very active in those minutes, once again invaded the penalty area, but this time his shot was blocked.

Cane and Son missed another good situation for the hosts after shooting inaccurately to reach the 39th minute when Tottenham’s best player so far – Son Hyun-Min, gave a well-deserved advance to Londoners. Dele Ali got into the penalty area, Benita swung to a sword and cleared, but the ball came to Tripir, which centered low. Soun knocked on the far beam, and although he did not find the ball that he had ricocheted in his foot, he entered Buffon’s door.
Juve tried to respond immediately and quickly organized one of his few dangerous attacks in the first half in the 42nd minute when Kosta broke the right flank and then found Pjanic on the border of the penalty area. The last shot went centimeters aside.

Eventually, the “bianconers” failed to record a single shot in the first half.

The second half began with a much more torn game and a lot of misconduct.

In the 63rd minute Juventus came to a situation that created Sanchez, who tried very poorly clearing at the door of Loris. The ball reached the Diball, but his shot was extremely inaccurate.

At that moment the moment of the guests came. In the 64th minute Liechtenstein was drawn to the right wing, then centered in the penalty area, where Kedera continued very well with his head to the Iguaine, who jumped behind the defense and reached out, putting the first accurate shot in Juve’s 1-1. Two minutes and 49 seconds after that, Iguaine did well with DiBalla, who looked up with Loris and matched him with a 1: 2 lead.

Tottenham instantly pressed. In the 79th minute Son is very dangerous to Kane, but it is the last moment that Chieleni hurled and crossed, not even sending the ball to his own door. In the 83rd minute, a new, dangerous shot from Son from a distant distance passed inches from Buffon’s door. Minutes before the end, Eriksen fired from the border of the penalty area, but Chieleni threw himself self-sacrificing and blocked as the ball again met the defender’s hand. Seconds after the strike of Harry Kane with his head met the far beam, then went to the goal but eventually did not enter Buffon’s door.