Mourinho and Conte were reconciled

Conflict between Jose Mourinho and Antonio Conte is quenched and they both have smiled after the last match between Manchester United and Chelsea. This is what the Red Devils manager said before the final of the England Cup final.

The relationship between the Portuguese and the Italian strained after Chelsea won 4-0 at Stamford Bridge last season. Then Mourinho accused Conte of showing disrespect in expressing his joy of success. During this season the exchange of words continued. Special called his clown “clown” because of the way he behaves around the touchline. In reply, Conte said Mourinho suffered from “old-fashioned slumber,” for apparently forgotten what his behavior was. Then the Portuguese attacked the Chelsea manager for his participation in matches in Italy. That’s why Conte called Mourinho a “little man”.

“It’s okay, it’s okay, I’ve stretched out my hand, it’s stretched out, we’re already bored, and after the Manchester match I invited him to come to my office, we talked, there’s nothing wrong with us,” said Mourinho.