Napoli intervenes in the fight for De Frei

After it became clear that Stefan De Frei will not re-sign his contract with Lazio, a variety of rumors sparked in the media, sending the Dutchman to a number of European teams. It seems that Inter will win the negotiator’s signature deal. This is confirmed by La Gazzetta dello Sport in yesterday’s edition, which presents figures on a possible new De Frei contract with the “nonrazuri”.

In the battle for the Dutchman is also included Napoli, who will try to strengthen his protective shaft for the next season. The Partenoids will surely participate in the Champions League next year and this may play a major role in the soccer tips of the football player.

Inter’s management has already made its official offer to the defender, which includes a 5-year contract and an annual salary of 4.2m euros. The teams of Barcelona, ​​Chelsea and Atletico Madrid are also interested in the game.