Clop: This is the most exciting season for years

Liverpool manager Jurgen Clop has expressed the view that we have witnessed the most contested season in the Premier League for years. The Reds are the leader in the standings with the Manchester City champion. Both teams have an equal number of points but “citizens” have a better goal difference.

Today, Liverpool faces Arsenal and if it succeeds in winning it, “Merseysides” will record their best start in the championship throughout their history.

“We play against Manchester City twice during the season. The maximum points we can lose is three in both matches. In Germany everyone complains about Bayern Munich and the fact that everyone knows who will be the champion in October, “said Clap.

“This season in the Premier League is not such. I hope it will stay that way. Perhaps this is the most exciting season for years. Last year, several teams did a very good campaign, but there was no way to get to City because it was already big in October or November, “the German said.

“It’s exciting now. I’m also a soccer fan, and for a football fan that’s great. At the other end of the table there are several teams with very few points but they all have chances to save. That makes the league very interesting, “added Jurgen Clop.