A little bit missing of Bayern for glorious achievement

Bayern Munich failed to set a new record in its glorious history. The Bavarians made 0: 0 against Hertha (Berlin) in a Bundesliga duel, putting an end to their winning streak. So far, they have had 14 consecutive successes in all tournaments – a record-breaking 1980 record, with a possible 15th victory being a new top achievement. Alas, however, for fans of the club, it did not happen.


New Arrien Robben and Frank Ribery, who are fighting for new contracts, return to the Bavarian team. The two were not in the starting 11 against Besiktas during the week and were again angry. Today, Jop Heinkes gives them a chance to prove to the management that they do not deserve to be sent away after the season.

Robert Lewandowski remains at the top of the attack, and Sandro Wagner is on the bench. The Allianz Arena matches missed Jerome Boateng and the injured Yoshua Kimih and Hamas Rodriguez.

The visitors from Berlin are in a weak form with one victory in the last five games, being in the 11th place. They are without the experienced Vedad Ibisevic, who is traumatized.

The beginning was as expected – Herta’s players put a defensive tactic and accepted the game in their half. Lewandowski missed to score in the 5th minute when he shot his head, but the ball fell in the keeper’s body.

In the 13th, Tihao Alcantara bested a distant jump after the arrival near Yorkstein was difficult. A few seconds later, after a corner kick, the ball headed for the guests’ net, but Jordan Torunarriga kicked her away.

In the 18th again, the darker defender was the last person to deprive Bayern of the goal.

In the attack, the Berliners showed they could attack, with Sven Ulriah having to save a shot by Vladimir Dariida.

Bayern’s strong play from the start of the half-time, however, has gradually disappeared and boredom has settled on the pitch. Only one pass of Ribery in the 36th minute drew attention.

After a supposed conversation with Heinkes in high pitch, the red team players came in at the start of the second half and in the 50th Yorkstein had to intervene after a strike by David Alaba.

In the 56th Lewandowski he handled Torunariga’s guard and was already expected to realize, but this time Hertha’s guard was excellent in his interference.

The fact is that the positions at the door of Herta had them, but there was something wrong.

In the 68th, it was time to leave Ribery at the expense of Kingsley Comman, who had to give an impulse to attacks on the left wing.

Shortly thereafter, the coach of the champions scored his second central striker, Wagner, which meant a change in the scheme.

The plan went wrong, however, because around 80 minutes Comman was injured and spent a few minutes off the pitch, leaving his team with less. Then he returned to the field but apparently was unable to play at the level, not leaving just because the shifts were already done.

The compositions:

BAYERN: Ulrich, Raffinia, Zule, Hummel, Alabama, Martinez, Robben, Muller, Thiago, Ribery, Lewandowski

HERTA: Yorkstein, Pekarik, Stark, Torunariga, Plattenhart, Lustenberger, Darija, Leki, Lazaro, Kalu, Selke.