Allegri: We will not seek revenge for the loss in Cardiff

Juventus coach Massimiliano Allegri co-starred in Real Madrid’s 1/4 defeat in the Champions League and lost 4-1 to Cardiff’s White.

The Bianconers take on the European club champion at Allianz Stadium on Tuesday evening at 21:45.

“The match tomorrow will not be a rematch for the lost final in Cardiff a year ago. In recent years, we have met almost all major teams and have achieved good results. When playing with the best in the world, you get an extra incentive. If we say that Real Madrid is a team composed of many phenomena like Ronaldo and Sergio Ramos, we show the necessary respect, “said the specialist at today’s press conference.

“Unlike Cardiff, this clash will be in two games. The teams are almost the same. Tomorrow we will play at home and we have to take this opportunity. Sometimes it looks like Real lets you play, but then it’s ready to punish you.

We must try to stay in the match to the very end. The clash will be solved in two fights, so we have to be careful. I congratulate Zidane on the success she has achieved in such a short period. Tomorrow we will try to hold the ball, but if we have to defend ourselves, we will. The opponent is good when there are free spaces, but we are prepared and we will not allow such situations, Max Allegri added.

“To stop Ronaldo, the whole team must be at the top. He deserves compliments because he changed his position at 33 years and achieved great results, “the coach of the” old lady “finished.