Barca retained the status “unbeaten” after a Judge Circus in El Classico

Barcelona’s new champion Barcelona continues without a defeat in the Primera 2-2 victory against Real Madrid in the 36th round of La Liga, played against 97,939 spectators at Camp Nou. The big “El Classico” show tonight came under the shadow of gross judging errors that set the final outcome. Luis Suarez opened the score in the 10th minute and Cristiano Ronaldo equalized in the 15th. At the end of the half-time, the referee passed a red card to Gareth Bale, and seconds before the break he was right to drive out Sergi Roberto. In the 52nd minute, referee Hernandez Hernandez passed an apparent violation of Luis Suarez, the Uruguayan won a huge advantage, and seconds later Lionel Messi said he was “blaugranas.” In the 72nd Gareth Bale equalized. The 76th referee did not take a penalty for the “whites” for a violation of Jordi Alba against Marcello.
The coaching staff performs a guard of honor for the team

Força Barça!

– FC Barcelona (@FCBarcelona) May 6, 2018

Luis Suarez led the Catalonian attack, backed by Lionel Messi. Ernesto Valverde placed Philippe Coettinho on the right and Andres Iniesta on the left.
¡VAMOS! @ GarethBale11 @Cristiano @ lukamodric10 @ToniKroos

– Real Madrid C.F. (@realmadrid) May 6, 2018

Raphael Varan managed to recover and took a seat to Sergio Ramos in the center of the defense. Zinedine Zidane chose 4-3-3 with an attack set by Gareth Bale, Karim Benzema and Cristiano Ronaldo.

Barcelona – Real Madrid + 96
The Camp Nou event started with a more active game of the hosts. In the fourth minute, Messi led Suarez into the penalty area, the Uruguay fired instantly, but Varan stepped in and knocked in the corner. In the sixth, Cristiano was suspended from the ambush flag. Repetition has shown that the situation is quite controversial.

Barcelona – Real Madrid + 96
At the tenth minute, the Catalan team opened the score after a good deal. Suarez very craftiously brought out Sergi Roberto, who made his way to the right and turned to the far side. Messi beat the defenders and Luis Suarez stayed uncovered on the back beam, where he made a 1: 0 blow with the air.

Barcelona – Real Madrid + 96
“Los Blanccos” responded quite quickly. In the 15th Cristiano handed a hefty turn to Tony Kroos, he was centered on the uncovered Benzma, the French striker headed in the small penalty area where Ronaldo beat Gerard Pique 1-1. The Portuguese had a blow to the ankle from the defender, but returned to the field fairly quickly.

In the 24th, Cristiano Ronaldo fired his head over the beam. Maybe the better option was to leave the ball for Benzema, who was in a much better position. Three minutes later the Blaugranas allowed a new mistake in the middle of the pitch and within a second or two Cristiano was taken by Luka Modric in the penalty area. Marc-André Ter Stegen moved quickly and the Portuguese would be in his feet.

Barcelona – Real Madrid + 96
A minute later, Ronaldo was free again, this time on the left flank. Number 7 decided to shoot at the diagonal, and a few centimeters separated it from the target. In the 31st, Jordi Alba and Modric crushed, with the left defender first “bumping” but getting rid of no card. In the 40th guests of Santiago Bernabeu got out of the press and then attacked the speed of the opponent’s defense. Benzema decided to shoot at the diagonal and sent the ball out. Two minutes later, Coyutinho brought Messi, he tried to fund Keelor ​​Navas, but his ball escaped.

Barcelona – Real Madrid + 96
Half-time ended with unpleasant scenes. First, Luis Suarez and Sergio Ramos jumped and “won” yellow cards. A little later, Leo Messi deliberately threw a rough offense at the white captain’s feet and also received a cardboard. In the 45th Gareth Bale attacks the calf of Samuel Umtiti with buttons. This remained hidden from the eyes of the judges, though the side referee was very close. The Welsh deserved a red card, and minutes earlier he fouled sharply and Andres Iniesta. In the second added minute, Sergei Roberto missed his nerves and hit without a ball in Marcello’s face, for which he received a fair direct red card. The Brazilian cleverly provoked his rival with elbow.

On the break, Valverde took Coutinho to take a right-handed defender, Nelson Semelo. Zidane changed to Cristiano, who suffered ankle pain at his goal. Marco Asencio took the position on the left wing. In the 50th Semedo he was in the top position and started a counter for the guests. Asencio ran on the wing, Bale searched for a spot in the penalty area, but Asensio decided to finish the attack with a blow to the goalie.

In 52nd Luis Suarez obviously kicked Rafael Varan, but the judge passed the offense. The Uruguayan went forward, handed over to Messi, the Argentine retained the ball and turned it famously to the nearby corner, sending the ball to the net of the Barça 2: 1. The 54th “los cules” sent the ball back into the net, but seconds earlier it was an ambush that was seriously doubted. The 58th Semedo was on the right in the penalty area, centering parallel to the outfield but Paulinho missed the ball. The Brazilian had come a minute earlier, and Camp Nou has applauded the departure of Andres Iniesta.

Barcelona – Real Madrid 2: 2 + 96
In the 70th Luis Suarez cleverly kicked the ball forward, bringing out Messi. The Argentine rushed to the penal field and shot the diagonal – Navas plunged into the corner. In the 72nd Bale equalized after a great fart from the rainbow. The brilliant shot came from Aspencio’s foot. In the 76th Marcelo, he took the ball forward, and Alba kicked him in one leg, but the referee scandalously decided it was not a penalty.

Barcelona – Real Madrid 2: 2 + 96
In the 82nd Messi a little happily managed to reach the ball, entered the field, then fired to the far beam and centimeters separated him from the goal. In the next attack, Leo easily escaped Casimiro in the penalty area and from the centering position decided to shoot, this time Navas was prepared in contrast to the match with Bayern. By the end, both teams were looking for the victory, as guests from Madrid were much longer held in front of the opponent’s penalty area.

Barcelona – Real Madrid 2: 2 + 96
Barca has three more trials by the end of the season, in which he will try to avoid losing. Real Madrid’s thoughts are all about the Champions League final on May 26th.