Chelsea refused to pay for Sari

Chelsea’s leadership finally refused to pay Maurizio Sari’s contract to break the contract, and it is now almost certain he will not be at the helm of Londoners. The final deadline for paying the eight million euros set in the Napolee mentor contract expired tonight, but no such sum was transferred to San Paolo’s offices.

Although he was fired by Napoli and Carlo Ancelotti was appointed in his place, under the Italian law, the mentor’s contract remains in force if it is not dissolved by mutual agreement. Now the last option for Sari is to try to break the contract by court, but the process can be long, and Chelsea is not willing to wait.

The latest news is that the “Blues” are already considering other options for a new manager, with Lorran Blanc’s most common name. Londoners can retain their current manager, Antonio Conte, who has a contract for another year.