Lazio has done the job of revenge

Lazio’s strong season continues with a standings for the Europa League quarter-finals. This happened after the team succeeded in defeating Dinamo (Kiev) from the second attempt. This evening in the rematch, the Italian team made a 2-0 draw as a guest in Ukraine, compensating for that 2: 2 a week ago in Rome. Both goals fell after the corner kick. Lukas Leiva scored first in the 23rd minute, and Stefan de Fray scored seven points before the end.

Simone Indzagi’s team completely deserved their ranking in the next phase, and had much earlier to ensure their peace. However, a number of omissions – especially Ciro Immobile – kept the intrigue almost to the end.

The guests were without Sergei Milinkovic-Savic, who was traumatized. However, Ciro Immobile was in perfect shape.

For the Ukrainians the title was Junior Moraes, who fixed the final result of “Olympiacos” and so gave a slight advance to his team. At the first meeting the former CSKA striker was not in the starting 11.

Immobile could find out in the 8th minute when he walked alone against the goalie, passed it, but then Tamas Cadar stopped the strike. After another eight minutes, the Italian striker again fired, but this time the ball went past the beam.

The Biancolates’ pressure resulted in the 23rd minute when surprise Lukas Leiva knocked his head to a corner from the corner – 1: 0 for Lazio.

Two minutes later, the Italians claimed Mickita Bourda’s misconduct against the Imobile goalkeeper, but the referee, Jesus Hill Mansano, was silent.

Dynamoci were on a step in the 29th minute when Senad Lulic lost the ball in front of the penalty area and followed a parabolic jump by Viktor Tsigankov, who flew inches from the goal.

In the 34th for a while Luis Alberto punished Kiev directly from a corner kick but keeper Dennis Boiko managed to intervene.

Despite the fact that Lazio led to the result, Simone Indzagi’s team continued to attack and in the 38th minute Felipe Andersson handed the ball to Immobile, who for several meters showed unconceivable speed and failed to shoot.

The same was repeated four minutes later, and this time Immobile tried to roll the ball past the watch of Dynamo, but he reached out and reflected.

Only a few seconds later, the “eagle” gallop again proved to be alone against Boyko, trying to pass it, but he stopped the ball with his hand. This happened around the boundary of the box and led to a controversy over whether it was out of the box, but the Spanish judging brigade again did not mark a violation of the rules.

The second half began with the home side, but after a corner, the ball went out.

In the 51st extraordinary pass he created the right-wing midfielder of Lazio Patrick, who had to hit the goal but for a few meters over the beam.

It was only after this episode that the Ukrainians managed to put the game in the front position, because 0: 1 was throwing them out of the tournament.

The guests already played mostly against the counterattack, and in such an action in the 71st Andersson fired at the goalkeeper instead of handing it to Immobile.

A minute later, Mbokani and Tsiganko missed Dynamo for good situations.

The stadium rose to the ground in the 78th minute when Derles Gonzalez tied several players to Lazio and shoved dangerously but the chance was not with him and the ball did not hit the door.

In the 83rd minute, the lasists showed a well-rounded corner kick, where De Fry directed the ball into the 2: 0 net, making it all.

The draw for the 1/4-finals is on Friday.