Liverpool crossed the goal of a hundred goals and came second

Liverpool recorded a convincing victory 4: 1 over West Ham at Anfield, which helped him to second place in the Premier League standings. Merseyside have overtaken Manchester United, who is now accepting Chelsea at Old Trafford. Emre Zhang (29 ‘) kicked off, marking the 100th Liverpool goal in all the tournaments since the start of the season. The trio in attack – Mohamed Salah (51 ‘), Roberto Firmino (57’) and Sadio Mane (77 ‘) scored one goal for the success of the Reds. Michelle Antonio (59 ‘) made the West Ham honor honor.

A change was made by Juergen Klop in comparison to the last Merseyside Championship match – James Milner started instead of Georgin Vainillum. The big news in “hammers” was the debut of Patrice Evra. Manuel Lansini was also a champion. In the third minute, Salah saw a diagonal across the far beam. Shortly thereafter, Van Dyke fired with his head, pinching the corner, but Adrian caught.

At the 12th minute, Salah received a throw-in behind West Ham’s defense, but at the last moment Sabaleta knocked the ball and prevented the Egyptian from gaining control.

After 1/4 hour the hammers were very close to surprise the hosts. Arnautovich attempted a very interesting shot from the border of the penalty area, the ball transferred Karius, but the guard still managed to touch her, and then she met the crossbar. In the 29th minute Emre Zhang opened the score after finding a corner from the corner of Salah. Adrian did not do well in this situation after he had stayed at his goal, and Evra did not cope with the German guardianship. It was Liverpool’s no. 100 goal in all the tournaments since the season.

In the 42nd minute, Arnautovich made another dangerous blow from a long distance, but Karius intervened well and slaughtered.

At 51st minute Mohamed Salah doubled the home side’s lead. The Egyptian got into the penalty area by Oklahide-Chamberlain and fired with his left foot in the far corner.
Six minutes later, Liverpool reached a third goal. Zhang took Firmino, and Adrian, who had not played well for a few seconds before, threw himself forward in an attempt to cross, but missed the ball and the Brazilian walked past him.

In the 59th minute, visitors returned a shot from nowhere. The home team’s misfortune in the middle of the pitch allowed Antonio, who came into play shortly before, to break through the right flank and shoot Karius 3: 1. In the 72nd minute Mane’s shot hit the bar. Five minutes later, however, the Senegalese scored after finding Robertson’s good centering. The left back started the attack that went through Milner and Firmino to get back to Hull City’s former assistant.

Liverpool is now second with 57 points. West Ham is 14th with 30 points.