Liverpool had a lead in the battle for Jorginho

Liverpool is in the best position against his rivals in the transfer battle for Napoli Jorginho’s midfielder, Mirr said. The Brazilian with an Italian passport is in the eyes of Manchester United and Arsenal, but Anfield is confident that he would be the perfect replacement for Emre Zhang. Brazil’s Liverpool performance has been a successful tradition. An example of this in recent years is Lukas Leyva, Philippe Coutinho, and Roberto Firmino, who is a key figure in the current composition of Juergen Clop. It is this tendency that puts Liverpool in the role of a favorite for Jorginho’ signature, Mirr suggests.

Currently, Jorginho is in Manchester with Italy’s national team, which will play Argentina with Etihad and England with Wembley. This is a great opportunity for candidates to try to tempt Napoli’s midfielder with her suggestions.

According to Mirror, Clop has two more options for the post. The first is Jean Michel Seri from Nice and the other is Leicester midfielder Wilfred Ndidi.