Messi won Europe’s “Golden Boot” for the fifth time

Barcelona striker Lionel Messi won the “Golden Boot” for Europe’s top scorer for the fifth time in his career. The Argentine finished the season with 34 hits in the Primera Division and so secured the Pipichi trophy.
Messi failed to score in the last season’s Barca season against Real Sociedad (1: 0). He appeared to be the substitute for a free kick and had a good chance of getting one as, but the shot was well blocked by the keeper. However, he finished at the top scorer in Spain and on the continent. The same number of goals scored Benfica Jonas, but he is behind Messi in the league because of the lower odds of the Portuguese Championship.

Argentina’s Mohamed Salah and Tottenham Hotspur, who scored 32 and 30 goals in the Premier League season, were also in the list.
Today, Chiar Immobile from Lazio and Mauro Icardi of Inter were the last chance to beat Messi. The two faced each other in the big clash for the 4th place in the A Series. The Argentine was able to score a penalty for his team’s 3-2 win, ending the season with 29 goals, as Immobile has, and they will share the top prize in Italy.

Mesi’s big competitor in recent years, Cristiano Ronaldo, has ended the 26-hurl of the Primera campaign and finished right behind the Argentine in the rankings.