Mighty Cristiano erupted with a masterpiece and ruined Juventus

The winner of the Champions League in the last two seasons Real Madrid has ruined 3-0 as a visiting Juventus in the first 1/4-final match of the most prestigious European club tournament. Cristiano Ronaldo gave Adal an advantage in the third minute after Isco’s assault. In the 64th minute the Portuguese made the score 0: 2 with a real masterpiece – a perfect back scissors. In the 72nd minute, Marcelo was correct for 0: 3, shaping the final result.

In the 66th minute removed from the game for the second yellow card was Paulo Diballa from Juventus.

The two teams scored their strength in the final year, when Real Madrid won 4: 1, and tonight Zinedine Zidane’s team again talked to “Old lady”. In this way, Juventus suffered a first home loss of 28 home games in Europe (the last one was in April 2013).

Medi Benatija and Miralem Pianic were punished in Juventus, while Federico Bernardeski missed the match because of an injury. Monsignor Zinedine Zidane’s coach could not count on injured Nacho Fernandez.

Juventus – Real Madrid + 52

Massimiliano Alighieri is in favor of Argentinean Gonzalo Igguin to lead the “Old Lady” attack, and Papita’s compatriot Paulo Diballa has also been in the starting lineup but has not stayed on the pitch due to her disqualification. Cristiano Ronaldo and Karim Benzema were the most offensive players in Real Madrid, being actively assisted by Isco.

Juventus – Real Madrid + 52

Already in the third minute the “white” who were in blue teams tonight, went ahead in the result. Isco centered from the left wing to Cristiano Ronaldo, who escaped from Juventus defense and immediately fired. Gianluigi Buffon was overcome, and the Spaniards realized a tremendous hit on a foreign land.

Juventus – Real Madrid 0: 1 + 52

In the 6th minute, Paulo Diballa found himself in a good position at the door of Kayor Navas, but Sergio Ramos with excellent intervention blocked the Argentine. In the 11th minute, Real was close to a second goal. Tony Kroos centered a corner kick and Rafael Varan fired his head but did not hit Buffon’s door. Shortly thereafter, the hosts threatened Navas’s door. Gonzalo Iguain got a finger on the right, and Rodrigo Bentankour got a chance to put his team up, but the young midfielder could not find the ball and he was blocked by the defenders.

In the 23rd minute, Allianz Stadium’s viewers saw the Iguaine equalizing the score, but no goal was scored. After a brilliant centering of Diwala’s foul, former Real-Eguain’s player fired from the air very close, but pointed the ball in the middle of the door, and Kayor Navas showed a great reflex and made a resolute rescue.

At the 36th minute the crossbar proved to be a good Buffon assistant. Tony Kroos, with a powerful kick out of the penalty area, shook the bar and barely reached Real to lead 2-0.

In the next few minutes, Cristiano scored dangerously on the right, and seconds later he was seriously shuffling in front of Real Madrid’s goal but no equalizing goal was reached.

At the end of the first part the hosts were allowed to make a direct free kick from a very good position, but Dibala fired at the wall. Seconds afterwards, Dibula tried an acrobatic but inaccurate stroke, and before the break there was another interesting stiffness over Navas, where the ball met Casemiro’s hand, but the referee, Jungate Chakar, felt he had no reason to take a penalty in favor of the Torinoes.

Juventus – Real Madrid 0: 3 + 52

Five minutes after the break, Cristiano saw a golden chance of 0: 2, but the Portuguese superstar’s land hit just a few centimeters away from the goal.

In the 55th minute, DiBalla fired with a foul, the ball creeps away from the wall, and almost came into the door of the opposite, Navas, who only looked helplessly as the ball passed inches out of the way.

In the 64th minute Cristiano made the score 0: 2 with a phenomenal goal. After centering Daniel Carvalhal’s right CR7 with a fantastic back scissors, he made Buffon helpless. Zidane himself caught his head after the Portuguese.

Two minutes after Ronaldo’s second goal red card received DiBalla and Juve stayed with 10 people on the pitch. DiBalla made a gross offense against Karvahal and received a second yellow card.

Juventus – Real Madrid 0: 3 + 52

In the 72nd minute Brazilian left back Marcelo made the score 0: 3. After a great attack, Marcello received a pass from Cristiano and despite Buffon’s attempt to stop him, the Brazilian finally managed to send the ball into the door.

Five minutes before the end of a defeat in Juve’s defense allowed Cristiano to be in a great position to make a hat-trick but the 33-year-old Portuguese did not pull the net behind Buffon this time.

By the end of the match, the reserve Mateo Kovacic hit a beam for Real and Buffon shot a shot of Cristiano Ronaldo, who in the time added made a huge pass and failed to realize a hat-trick, but played a big match at Allianz Stadio in Turin.

In the last few seconds, Navas saved an Iguaine hit, and shortly after, Juan Quadrado’s reserve lost a brilliant chance of a goal for the bianconers and the result remained unchanged – a classic victory for Real Madrid that can look calmly at the semi-final stage.

0: 1 Cristiano Ronaldo (3)
0: 2 Cristiano Ronaldo (64)
0: 3 Marchelo (72)

JUVENTUS (4-2-3-1): Buffon – De Shilio, Bardzali, Chiellini, Asamoa (69-Manjukic) – Kedera (75-Quadrado), Bentankour – Douglas Kosta

REAL MADRID: (4-3-1-2): Navas – Karvahal, Ramos, Varan, Marcello – Modric (82-Kovacic), Kazemiro, Kroos – Isko (75-Asensio)

RED CARD: Dibala (Juventus, 66)

YELLOW CARDS: Bentankour, Dibala (Juventus); Ramos, Kovacic, (Real Madrid)

STADIUM: Allianz Stadium, Torino

JUDGMENT: Jungate Chakar, Turkey