Mourinho chased Pogba out of his office

Despite Jose Mourinho’s claim that there is no conflict between him and Paul Pogba, the media on the island continue to say the opposite. According to the latest information, both of them had a loud conversation at the Carrington base of the Portuguese. The Frenchman went to the manager to express the grievances of the players from the special tactics, and again raised the question of his own position on the pitch. This has angered Mourinho, who has ended the conversation, bothering that if Pogba has doubts about who the boss is, he has to close the office door on the outside and read what he says on the plate.

In the last five games, Pogba has not fallen into Mourinho’s line-up and has twice been replaced. The 89million midfielder was left on the bench for the start of the Champions League match against Sevilla, but appeared in play in the 17th minute due to the injury of AndrĂ© Herrera.