Neymar’s injury has paradoxically revived his teammates

Nasser Al-Kelafim’s associates say that Neymar’s injury has provoked an inexorable disdain for the president of Paris Saint-Germain. In talks with the club, he spoke in a tone that unveiled the possibility of a turnaround in the Champions League’s eighth finals with Real Madrid (1: 3) without the Brazilian record transfer in the history of football, which has become a cornerstone of the Qatari project . Without all the technical fireworks that he so admired by Nei’s arsenal, the team in the sheikh’s words would have gotten even greater difference in the result of Santiago Bernabeu.

Al-Kelafiy has let himself be immersed in the melancholy of defeat, which contrasts sharply with the sharp increase in euphoria in the composition. After Neymar left for surgery in Brazil, self-confidence returned to Cannes de la Loge’s dressing room. This is what the coaches say, some of the players confirm it and support staff in the club. “With Neymar we had 5% chances,” they say, “we now have 50%.”

Only Tiago Silva and Daniel Alves, who are Nay’s adjutants, are skeptical. On the other hand, Essonne Cavani, Angel Di Maria, Javier Pastore, Adrian Rabio, Marco Verratti, Julian Draxler, Marguinos and Kilian Mabé are of the opinion that they have the unique opportunity to prove that they cost much more than people think in the club’s offices. They are sure to score many Madrid goals (as much as 2: 0), to eliminate the European champion and show the world that the team is performing much better without its top top: a super-footballer who does not stops referring to his other colleagues, without, in their opinion, deserving it with the appearance of the field; a super football player, to whom they feel more distrust than respect.

PSG players also want to prove that the difference between their second-level rights and the privileges of the idol is like proportions far greater than the difference in the displayed football and the merits of the team. “Did he accidentally win the Golden Ball?” They ask, after seven months, looking closely at the Qatari bosses pouring goods into Neamar’s legs, allowing him to skip the disciplinary rules in force last summer, make decisions about how to train and prepare matches, skip working days for personal reasons, and even speak loudly on club policy issues. In a nutshell, they rank it hierarchically with Lionel Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo, the best players of the century, even with al-Kelafi himself. Not to mention the money: He buys 47 million euros net per year, three times more than the next – Mbape (17 million), and four times more than Di Maria.

The latter perfectly illustrates the situation of the second echelon in the most expensive composition of the planet. At the age of 30, the left wing knows how professional disrespect means. Madrid sold it in 2014 to fund the transfer of Hamess Rodriguez, and in 2015 PSG bought it from Manchester United for 63 million euros – then the second most expensive transfer in the history of the club, only a million from that of Cavani. If there is a player left in an unpleasant situation by the transfer megacharch last summer, this is definitely the Argentinean.

In August, after Neymar and Mabé bought for a total of over € 400 million, Parisians sent an Emperor to offer Di Maria to various clubs, among them Barca. For a week, Al-Kelafiffs believed UEFA would oblige him to find receipts to balance the balance sheet and meet the Financial Fairplay conditions. Well-known in the market, Di Maria has become a potential exchange coin, as happened with half of the staff, including Rabio and Marguinos.

Di Maria stayed in Paris after he got to know the deadline for the account, and Unai Emery asked the player to be detained. Not knowing that his coach had never placed him on the list of marketable players, the Argentine stopped talking to him for weeks, but the presence of Neymar, Mabape and Cavani did not allow him much opportunity to play: only 67 minutes this season in Switzerland and Bernabeu did not play at all. However, his performance is remarkable: 16 goals and 15 assists in 32 games. Last season he scored two goals for Olympique Marseille for the Cup, and on Saturday in a League 1 match, he found the result in winning Troyes. The match against Madrid (the club where he felt unfairly rejected) has become a fixation for him in search of personal revenge in many directions. And he will not be alone in this respect among the Parisian players.

The happy atmosphere in the dressing room after Neymar’s injury contradicts the shameful collective spirit after 3: 1 at Bernabeu. Club officials have seen such readiness for players not to oppose their full efforts to eventually break the Neymar project that they even feared Park de Premium’s rematch. In an attempt to avoid becoming a laugh, Al-Kelafiy resorted to special methods of motivation. Sources from the locker room indicate that the president has allowed the entrance of one of the finest fan factions into the training ground for face-to-face conversations with the players. Club-TV broadcast this event as part of the folklore, and some of the players said they felt threatened.

Unable to look for soccer picks after Neymar’s refusal to play the game, PSG management seems to have no confidence in the team’s ability to reverse the overall score. This Sunday, Sporting Director Anterue Enrique, in an interview with the Team newspaper, said the loss in the first game had come because of an addicted judge and the removal of Madrid could only happen with “extreme judging.”

Since management is aware of the increasingly cooling relationship between Neymar and the majority of the players in the squad, and since it is paid that public opinion can turn to the thesis that the team is better without the superstar that defines their entire strategy, people in the upper floors of the club started making a propaganda campaign. “We want to dedicate our possible ranking to Neymar,” said Emery on Saturday, and Anterue Enrique followed him in a spirit of campaigning: “Neymar can help us from outside: with his spirit, with his relationship with the players, the headquarters and the fans. Although he can not play, we feel he is with us. Neimar is the leader of the team and his teammates want to give everything to him. ”

These public statements by the SGP representatives do not totally coincide with the words of the anonymous figures from the dressing room. Until the so-called ” “Leader” a week ago, the setting of Cannes de Lodz was just mournful. Today, the king is animated and enthusiastic, driven by the thirst for revenge and proof of his own value by artificially shadowing football players.