Real Madrid and Bayern are holding their chips for a place in the Champions League final

The European Collins of Bayern Munich and Real Madrid met at the 1/2 finals in the Champions League, ranking the draw in Nyon today. The other battle for the final comes out Liverpool and Roma. Meetings are on 24/25 April and 1/2 May.

The Bavarians and the Madrians have a rich history of their rivalry. The final chapter of this titanic struggle was written last season when “los Blancos” removed the Munich after many drama and scandalous judging decisions in the rematch. Bayern Munich coach Jup Hainkes returns to Santiago Bernabeu after losing weight to a European triumph 20 years ago. Players like Hames Rodriguez and Arien Robben have the settlement accounts with the Royal Club.

The other clash between Liverpool and Roma is also an interesting prequel. The Romans have one final in the European Champions Cup (1984) and then they bow their heads just after the defeat of the Merseyside. The Italians will look for revenge against the motivated team of Juergen Klop.

The current Real Madrid Real Madrid is following a third consecutive 13th crown after escaping from a famously failed home against Juventus. The German machine of Jup Hainkes is yet to show his power, as he has not seen equal resistance so far. Jurgen Klop’s revived Liverpool dreams of a new glory in his rich history. After defying the myth of the unbeaten Manchester City, Merseysiders are highly motivated to show their strength against a new, renowned rival. Italian Roma threw the big bomb with the removal of Barcelona, ​​and drew for something bigger.

Semi-finalists have a total of 22 trophies behind, with only the Romans touching the big bowl.

1/2-finals in the Champions League (24/25 April and 1/2 May):
Bayern (Munich) – Real Madrid (April 25 and May 1)
Liverpool – Roma (April 24 and May 2)