Ronaldinho revealed why he chose Barcelona ahead of Manchester United

Brazilian legend Ronaldinho revealed interesting details from the time when he was wearing the shirt of Paris Saint-Germain. In 2003, Dnyo was very close to transferring to Manchester United, but eventually chose Barcelona. At the same time, one of the “red devils” stars, David Beckham, signed with Real Madrid and the Manchester United manager at that time, Sir Alex Ferguson is close to leading Ronaldinho to Old Trafford. The Scot, however, was overtaken by Catalan President Sandro Rossel, who managed to attract the Brazilian magician to Camp Nou.

“It almost happened. It was a matter of 48 hours, but Sandro Rossel had asked me long before I got the offer: “If you become President of Barcelona, ​​will you come?” I said yes”. It was a matter of details with United when Rossel called to say he won the election. And I had promised him that I would play for Barca. There was a quick negotiation. I told the English that I had chosen Barca. That was the right choice. The Brazilians have always loved Barca. We have a history there. Outside the terrain there is no such place in Europe, so we are always happy to play there. I miss Barcelona very much, “Brazilian football icon told FourFourTwo.

Ronaldinho also revealed something curious – in 2011 he had talks for a transfer to the English club Blackburn Rovers, but eventually chose to return to his home country.