Sergi Roberto wants in Barca for whole life

The happy Sergi Roberto spoke to the media shortly after the formal renewal of his contract with Barcelona. The club’s adolescent signed up to 2022 but said he hoped this was not the last such ceremony and that he wanted to stay as long as possible in his native team.

“I always wanted to be here because I keep the team from a child. I knew the interest of other clubs, but I’m happy to re-sign up to 2022. I hope this is not the last such thing, “said the smiling and elegantly dressed right-wing defender of the Catalans.

“My wish is to give up as a football player in Barcelona. To walk in the footsteps of Iniesta and Leo Messi. I’m still young and I have a long way to go, but it’s a lot of work to do, “Sergey Roberto added.

“Sergi Roberto’s path is an excellent example of our school – modesty, perseverance and dedication, which identifies Barça’s 100% ideas,” President Josep Barthomeu wrote in her Twitter profile on the new deal.