Stoichkov is number 2 among the people who hate Real Madrid

Hristo Stoichkov was ranked No. 2 in the top 10 of the people who hate the most Real Madrid. Ranking is on the Spanish online edition of Periodista Digital.

“It is evident from the statements of the Bulgarian that he is more anti-madridist than a Catalanist. Barcelona’s former footballer, apart from his performance on the pitch, is also known for his violent verbal attacks on Real, the newspaper writes.

In fact, Stoichkov is much more moderate in the “white ballet” than only the matches between the two teams. He admitted that the penalty for Real against Juventus in the 94th minute of Santiago Bernabeu was rightly ruled.

First of all, there is a person who is hardly acquainted with Bulgaria. On top of everything, Tai is not from Barcelona, ​​but he is a true fan of Seville. Cristobal Soria is a TV presenter and, according to the media, rules the poll, his biggest dream is to see the fall of Real Madrid.

Then follow people who are also professionally connected with Barcelona. The third is the former president of the Catalans Joan Caspar, and fourth is his colleague Joan Laporta.

Surprisingly, however, central defender Gerard Pique is fifth. After him, mainly because of his latest speeches, is Chilean Arturo Vidal, and the dozen adds Jota Jordi, Gonzalo Miro, José Guardiola and Willie Toledo.