The media in Italy jumped to Inter-Juventus’ chief referee

Last night, we witnessed a true “Series A” show. The Inter and Juventus teams gave us a true spectacle, accompanied by two full rounds, a red card, five goals and a number of positions. Although in the 18th minute the “Nerazzurri” stayed with a man less after the expulsion of Matthias Vesino, the Milan Grand Prix showed his “madness” and was a step away from stopping Juve for the title. However, the Italian champion managed to beat Inter Giuseppe Meazza with 3: 2 thanks to two late goals in two minutes.

The media in Italy, however, are of the opinion that the game was broken by the actions of the referee Daniele Orsato, who has made several mistakes with which he has influenced the final result. In today’s edition, the Gazzetta dello Sport published a complete analysis of the chief judge’s decisions, according to which the first goal of Douglas Kosta was correctly judged. When the Brazilian hit the first watch, it was remarkable that Bles Matthew was in ambush, but that is not the case, and Kashta’s goal is completely regular.

At the 18th minute, Uruguayan national Matthias Vesino was kicked out with a direct red card after Orsato had a videotape to reconsider the situation. Originally the referee showed a yellow card for the midfielder for a gross violation of Mario Manjukic’s legs but after a signal from assistant Paolo Valeri Orsato saw a repetition of the fight and changed his mind by showing a red card to Vesino. From now on, the judges’ decisions seem more than illogical, says Gazzetta dello Sport.

The most crude is the error of Orsato in Miralem Pianich’s violation of Rafina. The Bosnian midfielder, who was already penalized with a yellow card, kicked Inter’s chest player, but missed only an oral warning. Instead of pushing out Pjanic, Orsato showed a yellow card to Danilo D’Ambrozio to challenge a referee’s decision. By the end of the match, Daniele Orsato did not face clear violations of both Inter and Juve, the Italian edition concludes.