Wenger at his last press conference on Tottenham, Kane and Highbury

Arsenal manager Arsene Wenger gave a historic press conference before his last match at the top of the “balls” and made sure he was remembered. He touched on themes as one of the greatest enemies of his team over the years – Tottenham, and he also went back in time talking about the differences between Highbury and Emirates. He also talks about something the fans have always suspected, namely the problems of the transfer market when building the new stadium.

“The cost of a stadium has doubled, but the cost of the players has risen three or four times. When we built our stadium, then 10 million for one player were a lot. Now how much can Tottenham sell Harry Kane today? I have no idea. Perhaps 100 million? Maybe they have to think about such a financing option. They must accept it. They may have to sell players even if they sell to Arsenal, “comments Arsene Wenger, a London-based rival in North London.

He then commented on the difficulties his club had experienced when the Emirates was completed before 2006, costing about £ 390 million to the gunmen, which is almost half of the spurs stadium, the price of which is between 700 and 800 million pounds.

“” Highbury had a special spirit. It was like a church. There you could smell the soul of everyone who played at this stadium. Everything was very special. “Emirates” was like buying a new house. It took us a while to get used to it. This is a great stadium, but there was something really special in Highbes, “concluded the French mentor who will take his team tomorrow to a Premier League match just at 17:00 Bulgarian time when Arsenal is visiting Huddersfield.