Wenger with very interesting predictions about the future of European football

Arsenal manager Arsene Wenger has made a very interesting prognosis for the emergence of a new European football tournament that will completely change the calendar of the strongest continental championships and will replace the domestic championships. According to the Frenchman who leaves Arsenal after the Huddersfield match on Sunday, the revolutionary change will happen in the next few years.

“The next change will happen in the coming years and will bring a common European league that will be held on weekends.” The domestic championship matches will be played on Tuesday and Wednesday, this is the next step and it will happen very soon because it is the only way for teams from the rest of Europe to compete with the Premier League, “Wenger said.

According to the French, the leading teams in Europe are extremely dissatisfied with the money they receive from television rights because of the poor competition in their championships. “Why change?” Because big clubs will say that when they play two small teams, nobody watches them, people want to watch high-quality matches, big clubs have to share their money with the little ones who do not have any interest. to become a league more attractive, the teams must be at most 16. Then there will be real competition, “Wenger said.

According to the Frenchman, the change will help UEFA cope with the outflow of fans from the Champions League, which is particularly noticeable in the early phase of the tournament. “If you have matches every week like Real vs Barcelona, ​​Real vs Arsenal, Manchester United vs. Bayern München, then you will see only crowded stadiums,” the expert added.