Will not move the Wimbledon Finals even England to play for the world title

Men’s Wimbledon Finals will not be rescheduled, even England will fight for the World Cup World Cup 2018 in Russia shortly thereafter. This was firmly confirmed by the director of All England Tennis Club Richard Lewis for the Air Force.

“We have been saying for years that the men’s final kicks off at 16 o’clock (Bulgarian time) and so is every time. All tickets are sold and interest is enormous. There is no plan to change anything around the finish. Of course, we are very excited about England’s presentation of the World Cup, here too, the atmosphere was greatly elevated after the victory over Sweden. We have not heard of anyone complaining about the fact that the final can overlap with tennis. We have free Wi-Fi and whoever wants, can watch quietly on the platforms on a tablet or phone, “said Lewis.

The Wimbledon Men’s Final is from 16:00 on Sunday, and the World Championship final starts at 18th.