Another great recognition for Paolo Maldini

Legend of Milan and Italy Paolo Maldini received another great recognition. The Brilliant Defender already has his “Street of Glory” at the Italian Olympic Committee (CONI) in Rome. “It is a great honor for me to be part of CONI’s” Street of Glory. “Thanks for this important recognition, Maldini wrote on her own Facebook page.

“Only to look at his successes, they are shivering: He won – 7 times the Scudetto, 5 times the Champions League, the record eight of the finals in the Champions League, and he is honor and pride for the entire Italian sport,” commented CONVI President Giovanni Malgao.

As is well known, Maldini has over 1000 official matches with the teams of Milan and Italy. In addition to the great footballer, CONI awards four of his great athletes – the volleyball legend Samuel Papi, as well as the Olympic champions – the swimmer Massimiliano Rossolino (200 meters of swimming combined, 2000 in Sydney), the ladies – Luigi Becali (1500 meters, 1932 in Los Angeles ) and cyclist Ercolle Balthazani (1956 in Melbourne).

From now on, the total number of Italian sports with a place on “Street of Glory” to “Olimpico” has become 117.