Atletico repeated Seville’s achievement

The victory over Arsenal with 1: 0 provided Atletico Madrid with a final table for Europa League. This will be the 5th final in the Euro Tournaments for the “mats” in the last 9 years. Moreover, Diego Simeone’s team equalized Sevilla’s three-time European League finals ever since the tournament replaced the UEFA Cup.

Interestingly, the success rate of both teams is 100%. Sevilla has won all three of its finals (2014, 2015 and 2016), and Athletico triumphs twice (2010 and 2012).

Diego Simeone, who heads Madrid in 2011, brings them to the 4th final (previously the club had a total of 5 in their history). He won the Europa League in 2012 against Athletic Bilbao, but in 2014 and 2016 the Argentine lost the Champions League final of the Atletico City Real Madrid Real Madrid.