Mourinho’s assistant for Arsenal?

Jose Mourinho’s assistant in Manchester United – Rui Faria, is another name for the Arsenal managerial position. At the beginning of the week, there were reports that Zeljko Lucic, Jurgen Klop’s right hand, has almost agreed with the “gunners”. That made the Bosnian one of Arsen Wenger’s favorites for bookmakers. Josep Guardiola’s assistant in Manchester City – Mikel Arteta, is also one of the names that connect to Arsenal. Now it is time for the same thing to happen to Faria, who has been working with Mourinho for 18 years now. The manager himself thinks that his assistant is ready for such a role, and he would be happy to help him if he wanted it.

I do not know if he wants to be a manager You ask me if I think he would be right and my answer is yes I say it because he is more than my assistant He is my friend If one day my friend there is a chance to get a great job, I would help him prepare his luggage and wish him luck So if one day it happens I will be the first to feel happy because I met him when he was still a child in the university and for 18 years we are together, “commented Mourinho.