Barca kept her halo when nobody believed

Barcelona’s team scored the 37th consecutive championship match without losing after scoring 2-2 at their visit to Sevilla in a match of the 30th Circuit of Primera. The Catalans lost with 0: 2 to 88 minutes, but Luis Suarez and Lionel Messi scored in a minute and left the Catalans unbeaten at the start of the season in La Liga. Franco Vasquez (36) and Luis Muriel (50) scored for the souls, and after the break, Vincenzo Montetella’s team missed the intrigue. In the end, the blagranas hugged Sevilli and the game ended without a winner. So Barca took another step to his 25th championship, drawing a point from Ramon Sanchez Pichuan.

Superstar Lionel Messi did not hit the starting 11 to avoid taking unnecessary risks. Usman Dembele came to the right of the “blue-red” assault. Ernesto Valverde put Philippe Coettinho on the left flank near Captain Andres Iniesta. Ivan Rakitic took over the functions of the injured Sergio Buscakes. Vincenzo Montella ranked 4-2-3-1 for the first goal for Луис Муриел. Jesus Navas returned to the field after several weeks of restoration.

The first good opportunity appeared in the third minute. Coutinho advanced to the left in doubt as to whether the ball did not leave the terrain. The game continued, the ball reached Luis Suarez, who fired a defender and shot to a nearby corner, where Sergio Rico experienced serious difficulties and dropped the ball – no joy added to his joy. In the seventh, the blancirochos guards were wrong and Andres Iniesta tried an instant transfer with a ball in which the ball flipped over the goalkeeper, but he stepped off the bar.

In the ninth Dembele handed over to Jordie Alba in the penalty area, he assisted Luis Suarez, who had a ball out of his keeper and shot immediately – the ball went very dangerously to the left beam. In the 16th, Muriel had the opportunity to fire his head from the small penalty area, but Alba was not pressured. In the 21st, the Andalusian team built a wonderful attack, Navas centering to the right, Joaquin Korea fought for the high ball and shot very dangerous, as the ball passed a few inches from the beam.The 24th Andalusians again built a nice speed action. Muriel advanced to the left but his stealth did not find a recipient. In the 33rd one of the most active Dembele invaded the penalty area and made a slight blow to the ground. A hundred seconds later, Samuel Umtiti stayed under the ball after centering from a static position. In the 36th Alba lost the ball, Navas fired to the left and centered on the far beam. There, Joaquin Korea mastered and found the uncovered Mud Vasquez, who headed for six meters and landed Marc-André ter Stegen – 1: 0.
In the 44th, Alba sought Uumtiti in the penalty area, he was centered on the second beam, where Gerard Pique attempted a strange strike close and was unsuccessful. At the end of the half-time, the game was frustrated and abusive.

The Montella boys started the second half fast. At the same time, the Catalans did not get well on the pitch after the break and received an early blow. In the 50th minute Ter Stegen took the ball a second time out of his door. After a happy ricochet, Sergio Escudero got to the ball and shot in the breast of the German watchman. The ball fell into the legs of Muriel, who took advantage of the uninjured defenders and shot at 13 meters, the ball deviated from Ubutiti’s leg, from the beam and landed in the net – 2: 0.
The 55th defense of the barcelona was again made for laughter. Jesus Navas rushed to the penal field, but there he was stopped by Ter Stegen and then by Pique of the goalie. Two seconds later Vasquez failed to hit the door in a great position. The 58th in the game showed Messi, replacing Dembele. Just a minute later, the Argentine threatened Rico’s door. After his combination with Kouttinho, the ball passed the goalie but stopped from Simon Kayer’s leg just ahead of Luis Suarez’s.

In the 60th Alba centered, Luis Suarez came to the ball, but from a small angle he could not score and hit the beam on the outside. In the 62nd “white-red” they organized a great counter, in which Muriel showed selfishness and fired aside. Three minutes later, Pique was “thrown out” and the los coules defeated. Ever Banega did not find the way to the door despite the wonderful premise. In the 71st Century, Kouttinho is on the right and Kayer again intervened before Luis Suarez.
The hosts did not come back in a deafening defense, and even more often they were in danger. The 79th Navas shot low but Ter Stegen kept the intrigue with a new strong rescue. In the 86th, Messi got into the penalty area but could not overcome the many legs. A minute later, Ivan Rakitic headed across the diagonal and hit a beam. In the 88th Suarez he found the right position in the penalty area, taking advantage of the cornering. The Uruguay knocked on the nearby network. Almost immediately after the center’s finish, Barcelona scored 2-2. Messi did not hesitate and kicked the 20-meter ball without delay, Rico did not see the situation well and was late as the ball passed to the goalkeeper’s hand. By the end, it was interesting in front of both doors, but no new drama came.

Both Barca and Sevilla are already looking at the Champions League. On Tuesday, Sanchez Pichuan arrives Bayern (Munich). The Catalans have a seemingly lighter obstacle in the face of Roma.