Manchester City did the right thing to win the title against United

Manchester City beat 3: 1 Everton as a guest and now has a real chance to win the title in a dream way – winning over City rival United in the derby next weekend. Currently, the “citizens” have a 16-point lead, and if they are successful against the “Red Devils” they will be unattainable at the end of the championship. Lorenzo Sane (4 ‘), Gabriel Jezeus (12’) and Rahim Stirling (37 ‘) decided everything in favor of the guests to the rest. Yannick Bollasie (63 ‘) celebrated the honor of “caramel”.

Morgan Schneiderlin and Dominik Calvert-Lewin were hosts. Joep Guardiola made a change – Eimeric Laporte started at the center of defense. John Stones and Sergio Aguero missed the match because of injuries.

The game started in a very convenient way for the “citizens” who led with two goals to the 12th minute. In the fourth Sane he discovered a great shot from the air after Silva’s centering. In the 13th minute, Everton was close to a balance, but Bollasie’s head shot over the bar. Immediately after that – about 30 seconds, the guests doubled their lead. Sane found De Broece on the right, and the Belgian assisted to Jesse, who was close to his head. The ball ricocheted in Pickford’s shoulder and went into his door – 0: 2.

In the 37th minute Silva received a lead on the left flank, then centered on Stirling, who did not make a mistake. There was doubt as to whether the Spaniard was in an ambush position but was not marked. In the 56th minute, Fernandinho hit a 30-meter heavy kick, the ball rattled in Calvert-Lewin’s shoulder and changed his trajectory, but Pickford did manage to react and kill.

In the 63rd minute the “caramels” fell from nothing. Bollasie shot at 25 meters, the ball crossed Walker’s feet, hit one beam, walked to the goal, met the other pillar, and entered Ederson’s door. Manchester City now has 84 points, and in the event of a success against United, the next Saturday could be the team that had previously secured the Premier League championship title. Everton is the ninth with an asset of 40 points.