Clop is pleased with the outcome, but not with the Premier League program

Liverpool manager Jurgen Klop was pleased with a 3-0 victory over Manchester City in the first 1/4-final in the Champions League. He admitted he did not expect such a remarkable success, but at the same time attacked the Premier League bosses because of the “red” program that now has to face Everton on Saturday afternoon.

“We lost one player because of an injury and another because of a punishment, so I’m not completely satisfied. If we want to watch similar matches in Premier League, we need to consider changing the program. The match with Everton must be something good, not trouble. I have to think how to fill the composition for one of our most important season games. At the same time, if you do not play the best 11 on the pitch, you know what will happen, “said Clap.

“The result is unexpected, but we know we have to play football again. They did not create much, but we did not play too much football either. Now is only half time and 3: 0 is a good result. In the first part we were brilliant. That’s how football should look like. We knew about City class, but we knew we had our own trump cards. If we control the ball better against a team like Manchester City and do not lose it too easily, we will be closer to them in the league. We defended well and we attacked well, but I wanted to see more football. I’m not angry, it’s all right, “the German added.

He also commented on the injury of Mohammed Salah, who had forcibly left the field at the start of the second half.

“After the game, I asked him how he got to know him and he told me he was OK. Now we have to wait for the doctor’s diagnosis, not just his personal one. Right now I do not know how serious his trauma is. He came to me on the touch and told me he felt pain. That was enough and without even asking the doctor, I decided to replace him, “the mentor revealed.