Real Madrid with a bid for Manchester United

Real Madrid’s management has made contact with Manchester United, and the “white” have made an interesting offer to their English counterparts. According to the Manchester Evening News of Santiago Bernabeu, they have renewed their interest in David de Hea, and in addition they have registered a desire to attract Paul Pogba and Anthony Marcial if the Red Devils decide to separate with them. In return for Real, they offered United so-called. “first option” for three of Zinedine Zidane’s current players. This means that if a club makes an offer for one or more of these players, United will have the opportunity to take it if they pay the same amount. According to The Evening News, Gareth Bale is one name. The release does not reveal who the other two players are, but mentions that Old Trafford has an interest in Tony Kroes and Luke Modric, so one of them can be included in a possible exchange.

Manchester United, however, firmly refuses to part with David de Hea, who is expected to sign a new contract with the club very soon. It is very unlikely that Real will sell both Croos and Modric. Still, the Manchester Evening News does not rule out the possibility of Real and United playing in the summer.