Good news for Milan

Italian Grand Milan has received a license from UEFA to participate in the new season in European club tournaments. Given the “Rosoner” ranking, they will present the “A” Series in the Europa League tournament.

The license is good news for the club and for the fans, as there was news in November that UEFA will not allow them to compete for non-compliance with financial fair play. The European Commission’s own license committee initially refused to enter into an agreement with Milan to reschedule their payments on financial fair play. The club’s management then began to enter into agreements with plaintiffs and borrowers and apparently succeeded in speeding up the resolution of the problem.

UEFA announced today that they have granted licenses to 14 clubs from Italy’s elite, including Milan. At first instance, they did not receive Cagliari, Kievo, Kroton, Benevento, Verona, and JAL 2013 licenses. They will have a second chance in appeal.