Valverde: There will always be tensions in such games

Barcelona coach Ernesto Valverde is not surprised by the development of the duel with the eternal enemy Real Madrid (2: 2). The meeting was tense and filled with many clashes on the pitch, as well as some strange judging decisions. The coach said he would have to look at a repetition of the situation to have a clearer position for them. Otherwise he is happy with the result.

“There were a lot of controversy in the game, I have to look at a repetition to have a clearer position.Serji Roberto’s expulsion was odd, I’m surprised he hit him in the face.I have to see him again on television.In such a match always there was a lot of pressure, it was felt from the first minute, we wanted to beat the big rival, two goals went, and then the red card came in. In the second half we fought hard, but we felt we were less. we did not stop attacking. We had to keep playing cohesive and not we refuse to attack, “Valverde said.

Equality kept Barca’s chances to finish the season without losing.

“I am happy with the efforts of the whole team, it’s always difficult to play with someone less, especially against Real Madrid, they know how to find the empty spaces in the defense, we could win, but the result is good,” the expert added.