Grande Juve continues to write a story

Football hegemony in Italy Juventus officially won the seventh consecutive Scudetto in Series A. The Turin Grand Final ended 0: 0 on a visit to Roma in the 37th round of Calcio. So the old lady already has 92 unbeatable points in the ranking. The second Napoli remained with 88 points only 90 minutes before the end of season 2017/2018.

At @juventusfc vince settimo Scudetto consecutive: i bianconeri sono i Campioni della #SerieATIM 2017/2018!

– Serie A TIM (@SerieA_TIM) May 13, 2018

Massimiliano Allegri’s team continues to write history by making a consecutive golden double in Italy. Just a few days ago, the bikonkers won their record 13th Italian Cup after 4: 0 over Milan in Rome, and now at the same stadium they were triumphant with their record 34th Scudetto. Moreover, in the history of Italy, no team has ever done doubles of the Apennines twice, and the stars of Juve have done this for the fourth consecutive year since Alegre was a coach. The specialist was twice as close to a legendary treble, but his team lost the Champions League finals by 2015 from Barcelona (1: 3) and 2017 from Real Madrid (1: 4).
Juventus is a champion after a draw with Roma + 36
For seven years now, Juventus has dominated Botisha, with 29 wins, five draws and just three losses this season, a round before the end. Juventus will finish the season with a minimum of 92 points, which is a record in the Allegro era, after Juve reached the title under his leadership with an asset of 87 points in 2015 and in the last two seasons with an asset of 91 points. However, Antonio Contte’s record of 2013/2014 – 102 points, stayed away.

The title is the fifth in the career of the coach of Livorno, who equaled the achievements of the legends Marcello Lippi (5 with Juve) and Fabio Capello (4 with Milan, 1 with Roma) and only Giovanni Trapatoni (6 with Juve, 1 with Inter), who has seven Series A titles in his coaching career.

Interestingly, Max Alegri won his first Scudetto again at Olympiacos, again against Roma, again after 0: 0, but then led Milan. The five Musketeers of the bianconers who won the last seven titles – Gigi Buffon, Stefan Liechtaler, Andrea Bardzali, Giorgio Cielini and Claudio Marquisio – have also become legends.

More than 60,000 typhoons arrived at Olympiacos to support the “wolves” who, 24 hours before without playing, achieved their great goal. “Jalorossi” officially qualified in the Champions League after the sensational victory of Sassuolo with 2: 1 over Inter in the middle of Giuseppe Meazza. The guests spent a few days in the capital after the Cup’s triumph, only needing a point to get the Italian title in their rich showcase.
Juventus is a champion after a draw with Roma + 36

Sami Kedera injured the warm-up and in his place played Younes Matuiyidi to Miralem Pianic on the 4-2-3-1 schedule. Wojciech Shchsezny shifts Gianluigi Buffon at the door. De Shilio, Barzali, Rougini and Alex Sandro were in defense, while Bernardeski, Dibala and Manjukic acted behind Gonzalo Iguain.
Juventus is a champion after a draw with Roma + 36

Eusebio De Francesco, who received a gift from his former team yesterday, releases Zhou Yussu instead of Costas Manollas in defense. Alliance was also flown by Florentzi, Fazio and Kolarov. De Rossi, Pellegrini and Ningolan were the midfielders, while the trio was Jung, One Jack and Stefan El Shaarawi.

In the first part, the “Jaloros” were more active, but without creating clear situations. Pellegrini fired a little over the door, and Kolarov was away after a foul. Dibala was the most dangerous before the break. Argentine’s goal was canceled due to ambush at the beginning of the second part.
Juventus is a champion after a draw with Roma + 36
In the 68th minute, Raja Ningolang was dispelled for a second yellow card after fouling Dibala. Only five minutes ago the midfielder received his first tactical foul against Alex Sandro.

With a man left, Juve’s experienced and classy team made the ball sit away from the Shcheshny door to reach the final referee’s signal, and afterwards the big party started.

Totally deservedly, Juve was again a champion, although two weeks ago he had 20-30 minutes to “San Siro”, seeing his throne shaking steadily after Napoli’s loss (0: 1) and 1: 2 against Inter , but winning 3: 2 in the last few seconds over the “Nerazzurri” concretes the king of his throne.

Juve has achieved something that has never been done in Italy, and the management is now working to reinforce the eighth title and, in particular, third success in the Champions League, where there is a record seven losses and five of them are in a row.
Juventus is a champion after a draw with Roma + 36

Roma will try to build an even stronger team after playing a semi-final in the Champions League, but mostly to try to take the crown of the bikonkers.