Guardiola will make changes for United with the thought of Liverpool

Manchester City manager Josep Guardiola did not hide the fact that the Champions League quarterfinals against Liverpool are much more important than the upcoming Manchester United derby. The coach plans to make changes to the team in view of this priority, although victory in the derby will secure the title of his team.

“I did an analysis of the Liverpool match. They played, as usual, at Anfield. The first 15-20 minutes were much better than us, but the first 25 minutes of the second half we played excellent. They have almost qualified for the semi-finals, but we have 90 minutes available. The door is almost closed, but there is a small gap. We will try, “Guardiola commented.

“We will choose a team to win, there is no doubt about it, but at the same time our thoughts will to some extent be directed to Tuesday. Whatever happens tomorrow, we will have six more opportunities to secure our title. Tomorrow’s victory, however, will help us prepare for the match against Liverpool, added the Spaniard. “Three big fights are coming, including the Tottenham match, in three days.”

Guardiola explained that it is unclear whether Sergio Aguero will be able to recover from the meeting with the Reds. After today’s training in City, the medical staff will assess whether the Argentine can play tomorrow. Pep supported his deputy, Gabriel Jezeus, who defied Liverpool as the weakest in his career.

“Gabriel is so strong. He knows I like him and I support him. Gabriel is 21 years old and he’s finished this week. You have to go through such difficult situations to become a better player. I do not agree with him. I think he plays well, “the manager said.