Mourinho: I will not hide

Jose Mourinho said he would not “hide” from Manchester United’s misfortunes this season. Tomorrow, his team will try to postpone the celebrations at Manchester City’s rival, who can win the title with success in the derby.

“My motivation is to finish second. We still have to guarantee a place in the quadruple. Mathematically, this has not happened. We have a good lead but it is not a mathematical fact, so that’s the first goal, but then I will not hide, Mourinho said. – Next season, finish second, third or fourth is the same. If you do not win the title but you qualify for the Champions League. We have been a second for many months and now it’s our goal. ”

Asked if he hoped the United-City gap would be lower next season, Jose said: “You see the points we have. We would normally be in the fight for the title but we are not, because City has a lot of points, which makes things quite difficult. ”

Mourinho refused to comment on the loss of Liverpool’s “citizens” during the week: “I’m not a commentator, I will not talk about this game.”