Ikardi: I can not predict the future

Inter captain Mauro Icardi’s said he was not aware of his future, but he announced the “Nerazzurri” as the team he feels complete. The Argentine striker was associated with the Manchester United, Chelsea and Real Madrid teams, but the transfer did not happen. Icardi stayed in Inter, and so far in the season he has 26 hits.

“I am delighted to have entered Inter’s history with my 100 goals. This is an occasion for pride. I never imagined that I could achieve it. It’s not easy to get so many hits in Italy. Thanks to my teammates who made this possible, “said Irardi to Ole.

“My work at the club helped me become a captain. Champions League? Things did not develop as we wanted, but I’m always optimistic, and I’m sure Inter will soon be where it deserves. It’s always nice when your game is noticed. I stayed in Inter, because that’s my team, “added the striker.

“When I was a kid, I always played with them on PlayStation. That’s why I’m glad I play here and I preferred to stay. Real and Chelsea? I am calm and focused on the goals of the team. I can not predict the future. I enjoy the present and always give my best. My present is here. Here is my home and I have friends, “said Ircardi.