Juventus breaks Milan and wins the cup! Donaruma “gave” two goals

Italy’s Juventus colossus crushed Milan with a 4-0 win in the Italian Cup final, which guarantees 99% of the golden doubles in the calcio. “The Bianconers only need a point to win the seventh consecutive title of Italy, and tonight they brought a huge joy to their typhus, shattering the” rosonser “with 4: 0. The collision was played in front of the full stands of “Olympiacos” in Rome.

Everything about the Milan ended within seven minutes: between 57th and 64th when the Zebras scored their first three hits. Medi Benita opened his head, then Douglas Kosta shot for 2: 0. In the 64th minute, Benatitti increased the advance of the favorite. For the second and third goals, the gatekeeper of the Devil Gianluigi Dona Rama, who does not respond adequately both times, has a huge fault. Nicola Kalinic hit his own goal with an own goal in the 76th minute for the final 4-0.
Expected in the eleventh day of the “bianconers” was missing Gonzalo Iguain at the expense of Mario Manjukic. The old lady pursued the 13th trophy of the race, while for the Rosoners this would be the sixth. The Torino Grand has almost guaranteed the seventh consecutive title of Italy, and the Cup in the Eternal City came as a dessert for Juve.

Meanwhile, Genoa’s Milan was ambitious to delight his typos with the latest possible trophy to make the millennium’s tardy season more sweet.
Juventus – Milan 4: 0 + 43

Ten minutes before the finish, Andrea Pirlo brought the bowl to the court. The 2006 World Champion is a former star of both the Rosoner and the Zebras, for which he was welcomed with both applause. Due to the lack of a buffer zone, there were 70,000 viewers on the Olympics platforms.
Juventus – Milan 4: 0 + 43

The first half was nervous, which is normal for a final match. At the beginning, Sami Kedera and Paulo Dibala missed a favorable position in the penalty area ahead of Gianluigi Donauru.

Milan responded with a dangerous jerk to Susa who was testing the vigilance of Gianluigi Buffon.

In the 37th minute Mario Manjukic searched the net with his head, but Jijo caught the ball in front of the Rosoner’s goal.
Juventus – Milan 4: 0 + 43

At the end of the first part there was a gross offense against Chalhanoolou, but the referee Antonio Damato gave the signal for a break, after which there were quarrels on the pitch.
Juventus – Milan 4: 0 + 43

In the second half Juventus pushed the throttle seriously. Dibala tried his right on the right in the 52nd minute, and the same happened a few minutes later when Donaruma came to the corner. Then, however, the penalty action of the champions followed.

In the 57th minute, Medi Benatiya opened the score, headed by a corner kick. The Rosoneries wanted an offense against David Calabria in the goal field, but no one was judged by the Chief Judge – 1: 0 for Juve!
Juventus – Milan 4: 0 + 43

In the 61st minute Douglas Kosta shoots from midfield and the ball went through Donausta for 2: 0.

Just 180 seconds later, a slight head shot caught the unpredictable Jijo who missed the Levski’s ball, and Benatita, who stumbled in the distance, managed to push the ball in the net – 3: 0 for the old lady!
Juventus – Milan 4: 0 + 43

In the 76th minute, the crash of Milan became full after the reserve Nicola Kalinic scored an own goal for 0: 4. The Croatian striker pierced his own header after a corner from the right.

Shortly after the 4th Zebras slap, Gigi Buffon showed a class, saving two consecutive shots to his frame. Immediately afterwards, Dibala, who played a strong game, attempted to pass Donaruma about 40 meters but the ball went out.

By the 90th minute the game, of course, was playing. Juve did not look for a fifth goal while the Milanists had no strength to respond with anything more. So the old lady triumphs with the trophy and is on the verge of something historic – double for the fourth consecutive year in Italian football. Massimiliano Allegri also faces a record – the specialist may become the first mentor in Europe with a double in four consecutive years.

Juventus – Milan 4-0

Benitez (1)
2: 0 House (61)
3: 0 Benitez (64)
4: 0 Kalinic (76 – own goal)


Juventus (4-3-3): Gianluigi Buffon; Juan Quadrado, Medi Benati, Andrea Bardzali, Asamoa Quad; Sami Kedera, Miralem Pianich, Bless Matthew; Douglas Kosta, Mario Mandjukich, Paulo Diballa.

Milan (4-2-1-3): Gianluigi Donaruma; Davide Calabria, Leonardo Boncui, Alessio Romanelli, Ricardo Rodriguez; Frank Kessie, Manuel Locatiles; Giacomo Bonaventura; Suzhou, Patrick Kutron, Hakan Chalhanoolou.

Judge: Antonio Damato

Stadium: “Olympiaco”, Rome, 70,000 spectators