Man City threatened with the imposition of a two-window embargo transfer

The new Premier League champion Manchester City faces a real danger of being penalized with a ban on attracting new players for two transfer windows. The reason for this is the nine-month-long case study with the transfer of Benhammin Gare. The Argentine was attracted to the Citizens Academy the next day after he was 16 years old. However, his former club, Veles Sarsfield, accuses City of having acted unlawfully and has been in contact with talent when he was 15 years old. The case eventually came to the Sports Court of Arbitration, which according to the English media should rule over the next seven days. If the CAS judges in favor of the Argentine club, that penalty will be imposed on City.

Veles insists that the rule allowing transfers of players under 18 years concerns only the movement of young players between clubs in the European Union. From Etihad, they refer to Gare’s Italian passport and claim they have not violated the rights.

Similar sanctions have been imposed on Spanish clubs Atl├ętico Madrid, Barcelona and Real Madrid in recent years for having been convicted of allegedly violating the rules of attracting young players.