Stoichkov pointed his favorites to the World Cup

Barcelona’s legend Hristo Stoichkov shared his favorites for the title of the upcoming World Cup in Russia in the summer. First he puts Spain and his other favorites are Germany and France.

“My biggest favorite of the world is Spain, then I put France and Germany. After them come Brazil and Argentina, “Kamata told Radio Mark.

He also talks about the independence of Catalonia, Cristiano Ronaldo, Diego Simeone and Neymar.

“I called for the independence of Catalonia as early as 1992. I have overtaken everyone and others can only breathe my breath. I also feel Bulgarian and Catalan. Catalonia opened her heart for me and I felt close to everyone there. Bulgaria and Catalonia are equally close to my heart, “Stoichkov said.

“Cristiano is an amazing athlete and no one can match him with the effort. He plays well, scores a lot of goals and takes care of his body every day. A big footballer has to constantly prove himself and he does exactly that, “Itso said.

“Diego Simeone is a great guy who does not take his pants off anyone. I will always be his friend. He invited me to his home and showed me how he trained Atletico. He suffers with this club. I will always have sympathy for Atletico because I was a friend of former president Jesus and his sons. When I was playing, the fans were jolting me, but they also applauded me when I got them, “added the Modern Left.

“Neymar chose to sign with PSG to win the Golden Ball. PSG is behind “France Football” and he thought he would win the prize, “Stoichkov concluded.