Mancini: I’ll take Italy to the world’s top

Roberto Mancini was presented as the new coach of Italy’s national team in a 45-minute press conference to answer a number of important questions about the future of Italian football and Scuadra Adzura. The specialist was represented by the president of the football federation Roberto Fabrizini, who declared the selection of Mancini as the most suitable for the revival of the national team of Italy.

“I’m really excited. It is not often that you take the Italian national team. Thanks to Michele Uva and Gabrielle Oriali, who made me feel that they wanted me at all costs. It was an easy choice for me. I’m very proud. For the first time, I went to FC Conversano in 1978 when I played with the national team of Italy until 14 years. The best thing about the national team is that you do not have to search and buy players. Even in the toughest moments you can find good Italian footballers, “Mancini began.

The new Italian mentor also talks about the possible return of Mario Balotelli to the national team. The two of them worked together in Inter and Manchester City, with Mancini being the first person to give Balotelli the chance to break into the first team of the Nerazzurri:

“Balotelli? We’ll talk and maybe we’ll call him to the national team. We want to watch it as it was at the European Championship with Prandelli. Pirlo? I talked to Kostaktura and Oriali, and now we have to find out if he is willing to be my assistant. I want to take Italy where it deserves – at the world and European summits, “the experienced coach added.

“There are always 11 players on the pitch. It’s hard to say how we play because I have to get to know some players better. I will adapt my ideas to the players. We have to comply with those players who play a lot and travel all the time. The national coach is obliged to be close to the youth teams. The suitcases up to 21 and 19 will have their own coaches, which I do not want to worry about, “Mancini said.

“It’s important for every footballer to show his dreams. You look at the national TV team for a while, you support it and you dream. Dreams are important, as well as making the most of yourself for the national team. There will be a place for everyone who performs strongly, but we need to build something for the coming years. Age will matter. If “old” like Daniele De Rossi are still the best, then the important matches will be called. I will try to get the best-prepared technical players to play as beautiful as possible, “said Italy’s new coach.