Napoli congratulated Roma for the performance in Champions League

One of Rome’s top rivals for Serie A’s top divisions in recent years, Napoli, congratulated the “wolves” on their splendid performance in the Champions League this season. “Gialorossi” played a very strong game and beat Liverpool 4-2 in the semi-final phase of the race, but dropped after retreating to a total score of 6: 7. At the 1/4-finals, Roma impressed the football world with the reversal of Barcelona and the elimination of the Catalonians.

Everyone in Italy was fascinated by the performance of the “wolves” in the tournament, while Napoli congratulated the club on its official Twitter profile.

“Congratulations, Roma!” You played a wonderful campaign in the Champions League, cheering the Neapolitan message, accompanied by photos of Napoli stars Marek Hamshik, Dres Mertens and Arkadyus Milik, who illustrate the alluvius.