Clop: It’s good to be at the finish, but it’s better to win it

Liverpool manager Jurgen Clop hopes his team will win the Champions League final, although in the match for the trophy Merseyside will meet the most experienced team in the race – Real Madrid. The German has so far led the Red to two finals for the League Cup and Europa League, but both times Liverpool lost the trophy battle.

“We were in the League Cup final and we did not win it, and then people did not stop on the street to thank me for getting to the final, we were in the Europa League final, and then no one told me that I have not seen any trophies since these games, they do not give us silver medals to take part in these games, but it’s nice to go to the finals, but to win it is better, but it’s Real Madrid, no more experienced team in this tournament I think 80% of the current team of Real has played in all four of these finals in the last five years – they have experience and we do not have one, o will surely be under steam.

There are two Premier League games in the Champions League semi-finals. Our first task is this. I gave the boys a free evening. No, they do not drink alcohol, they can just stay awake a little longer. Tomorrow we will recover and then we will go to Chelsea. We will fight for everything, “said Clop.

“For most of the guys it was the first semifinal, it’s normal to have nerves 100% deserve to be in the finals, it’s not good luck, we only needed one in the whole tournament tonight Real Madrid also needed but the boys deserved their place there – with the character, the psyche and the football they showed, “the German added.