The King is alive! He has survived Bernabeu and is back in the final

Real Madrid’s team is back in the Champions League final. “The White Ballet” eliminated Bayern Munich in the 1/2 finals after a 2: 2 draw at Santiago Bernabeu. In the first match in Germany, the Madridians made a 2: 1 lead and so with a total score of 4: 3 they went ahead. Real, however, was very lucky tonight because he was under siege by his rival, and Keelor ​​Navas was a hero with his rescue. On the other side, Sven Ulriah was the big sinner after he let go of a blind goal in his 2-1 draw.
Real Madrid – Bayern (Munich) +25

Yoshua Kimih gave the lead to the guests in the 3rd minute, but then Karim Benzema scored two goals in the 11th and 46th minute to make a turn for the hosts. In the 63rd minute, Hamers Rodriguez returned the intrigue, and by the end Bayern had made a lot of gaps, but failed to reach the third goal and eventually ended in the tournament.

Zinedine Zidane started the match with Mateo Kovacic instead of Casemiro. Lucas Vasquez was placed as the right defender, replacing the injured Daniel Carvahal. Los Angeles Blankos attacked Marco Asencio, Karim Benzema and Cristiano Ronaldo.
After Javier Martinez was eliminated at the last minute for the fight, Jup Hainkes forced himself to bet on the Trentino rookie. Tiago Alcantara started the match at the expense of injured Arien Robben. Robert Lewandowski leads the attack, backed by Hames Rodriguez, Thomas Muller and Frank Ribery.

Real’s fans fanned their fans before the game. Thousands of them had come out to meet the White Ballet players’ tour when they arrived at Santiago Bernabeu.

Bayern began the match aggressively and as early as the second minute, David Alabas advanced to the left and tried something between a shot and centering on the ground as the ball hit Keelor ​​Navas.

Only a minute later the result was found. Thomas Müller center in the penalty area, where two Real’s defenters did not interfere well, the ball hit the body of Tottenham and came to Yoshua Kimih, who scored close to 0: 1.

The hosts were close to leveling in the 7th minute. Then Cristiano Ronaldo received a great pass on the ground in the penalty area and shot off but by the door.

In the 11th minute the alignment became a fact. Marcelo centered on the left and put the ball perfectly on Benzema’s head, which did not make a mistake for 1: 1.

In the 17th minute, guests claimed a penalty for Robert Lewandowski’s offense in the penalty area, but the judge did not want to point the white point.

In the 32nd minute, Ribery scored to the left and found Muller around the penalty point. The German immediately turned and tried a blow to the door, but too weak in the hands of Navas.
Real Madrid – Bayern (Munich) +25

Just a minute later, Bayern missed a great chance to regain his lead. First Lewandowski advanced to the left and fired powerfully, Keelor ​​Navas knocked out, but the ball came to Müller, who failed to make a nice shot, and finally Hamens Rodriguez could not get a close shot in the empty door.

Real also missed his moment and in the 39th minute Cristiano Ronaldo received in front of the penalty area, flipping a defender and shooting powerfully on the ground, but Sven Ulriah with brilliant interference kept his door. In the subsequent corner, Sergio Ramos rose and shot his head dangerously with the ball stopping on the net, but on the outside of the door.

In the last minute of the half-time, Cohen Tolizo decided to take a surprise shot of about 25 meters and was not far away from the goal, as the ball flashed past the door.

In the added time of the first part there was a new controversial situation. With a centering in the penalty area, the ball met Marsello’s hand, but that was unnoticed by the judges, and a penalty was not given.

Right at the start of the second half Real rebounded in the score. Ronald Tolizo returned unreasonably to goalkeeper Sven Ulriah, who made a rough mistake, skipping the ball to pass beneath him and arriving at Karim Benzema, who could not be wrong on an empty 2: 1 goal.

Bayern tried to respond quickly and in the 50th minute David Alabas made a powerful jump outside the penalty area, but Navas, with a brilliant intervention, kept his door.

In the 53rd minute Luca Modric tried a diagonal shot, which was dangerously close to the beam, but out. A minute later Marcelo in a wonderful way found Ronaldo in the penalty area and the Portuguese shot at volley by making a great pass.

Bayern, however, was not ready to shake his head and in the 60th minute Mats Hummels shot a close shot, which miraculously was not in the door. Then there was a stir in the pennant, but no goal was again.
Real Madrid – Bayern (Munich) +25

In the 63rd minute, however, the score nevertheless reached a new draw in the score. Hamas Rodriguez made a strong blow to Rafael Varan’s body but the Colombian was smart enough to get to the ball again and fling it through the goalpost’s feet for 2: 2.

In the 74th minute, Keur Navas has a new brilliant rescue. Talenso shoots a powerful shot, but the feline reflex guard shoved the ball.
Real Madrid – Bayern (Munich) +25

In the 80th minute, Thomas Muller jumped over his direct guard and headed, but Navas was again impenetrable.

In the added time of the match, Mats Hummels headed his head after a corner from corner, but failed to find the door. A little later, Navas scored a brilliant interference crossing a nearly secure goal pass to Sandro Wagner in the penalty area. At the last minute of this match, Thomas Müller received a good cross between the opposing central set and leaving a goal for the visitors’ goal but to miss it out for a time.
Real Madrid – Bayern (Munich) +25

Real Madrid thus retains the draw, which proved to be enough to qualify for the third consecutive year. “The White Ballet” is already waiting to learn the name of its rival against whom he will face the battle for the trophy in Kiev between Liverpool and Roma. The Spanish Grand Prix has the chance to become the first team to win the Champions League Cup in three consecutive editions of the tournament.