Napoli shook the powerful throne of Juventus

The Battle of Scudetto is more alive than ever. Candidate champion Napoli knocked the Italian Juventus hegemony in the middle of Allianz Stadium in a direct crash of the 34th round of calcio. The Skyscrapers beat 1: 0 after a goal in the 90th minute of Kalidou Kulibali, for the first time in 28 years they have a real chance for the title, four rounds before the end of the season. Diego Maradona’s former team came close to a point from the “bianconers” who remain leaders in the championship, but for the first time Juve’s throne has shaken so powerfully in recent years – 360 minutes before the end of the championship.
Juventus remained 85 points, while Napoli had 84.

The two teams played a very equal tactical match in which the guests had the advantage of knowing the ball, but it was hard to create a position at the front of the champions. But they were, in the end, fresh and the luck was on their side, and they deserved to celebrate Allianz Stadium’s historic success.

The “Bianconerites” came out in the circuit 4-3-3. Captain Gianluidie Buffon defended Benedict Hovedes, Medi Benati, Giorgio Cielini and Quadvo Assamoa. Sammy Kedera, Miralem Pianic and Bless Matthew were midfielders, and Douglas Kosta, Paulo Diballa and Gonzalo Iguayin were the lead. Taran played his 100th game for Juve, where he scored 54 goals.

Maurizio Sari’s selections in the year’s match for the Juveniles were also 4-3-3. The Specialist bet on his own team. José Reina was at the door, and Elseid Hissai, Calidou Kulibali, Raul Albiol and Mario Rui began defending. The halves were Alan Marquez, Jorginio and Marek Hamschik, while Jose Caijon, Dres Mertens and Lorenzo Insignia were the assailants.

In the first minute Inssiere had a good chance, but shot away from the goal. Experienced defender Giorgio Cielini was injured as he tried to stop the attacker from getting a doctor. In the 10th minute he was replaced by Stefan Lechtatierner.

A minute earlier, Asamoa and Benatiya received yellow cards, and Rui fired over the Buffon-guarded door after a foul. Hovedes shoots his head over the beam in the 13th minute.

In the 17th minute, Pianic hit the beam with a direct free kick after the leather ball ricocheted in Caiechon. In the subsequent centrifugal centering, the Spanish wing almost cleared the Iguaine’s shot from the air.

Buffon had to interfere with Rui’s centering. In the 23rd minute Hampsh missed a good chance by shooting at a small corner.

The two teams were very tense, with no nerves in the 31st minute. Kedera did not return the ball to the guests, which annoyed Inssierie and he went to crash him, then followed a melee, but everything went without cards.

Inside’s 38th minute goal was correctly canceled due to ambush. Georgino took the hurried, but he was ambushed.

On the break, Juan Quadrado replaced Dibala. The first danger was Buffon again, but Hamsik fired for the second time out of the door.

In the 60th minute, Arkadius Milik replaced Dres Mertens, who missed the eighth consecutive match against Juve. Piotr Zielinski shifts Hamsik as Napoli tries to reach the goal but has difficulty breaking through the well-ordered defense of the bianconers. Mario Manjukic came in instead of Douglas Kosha in the 71st minute.

Buffon showed an excellent reflex in the 72nd minute when he pawed a Kayehon volley. The Referee was ambushed, but there was no such thing, however the host’s watchman was at the top.

Marko Rogge changed Alan, and a strong 22-meter shot from Zelinski was beaten by Buffon. The winger was supposed to show a reflex on Insienie’s unfortunate centering in the 88th minute, killing in a corner kick. Right after this corner, Napoli shook Juventus. Kaiehon centered, while Kulibali rose high above all, matting the host’s watch with his fifth A-Series goal.

The defender went over Benita and gave Buffon no chance, which meant only one. Juventus is on his knees! The champion broke his series of six consecutive victories over the Turin southerners, and now he has no right to mistake if he wants to win his record seventh consecutive Scudetto of Italy.

Yuve, however, has a visit to the eternal rival Inter, then accepts Bologna, visits Roma and accepts Verona. The Neapolitans have a visit to Fiorentina, a host of Turin, a visit to Sampdoria, and a closing season against Crotone’s San Paolo.

However, Sari’s team and the club’s typhoons believe they can achieve their dream after they have scored the 30th consecutive non-defeat in the A Series away from Naples.
The last loss of “skyscrapers” in calcio was October 2016 when they retreated 1: 2 from Juve to Allianz Stadium.