Man City took Swansea to his first championship match, leaving two goals to 100

Manchester City defeated Swansea with Etihad 5: 0 in their first match after the team officially announced their Premier League title. David Silva (12 ‘), Rahim Stirling (16’), Kevin de Bourne (54 ‘), Bernardo Silva (64’) and Gabriel Jesse (88 ‘) scored for the ” in the Premier League.

Josep Guardiola made two changes to the team that beat Tottenham last week. Danilo and Bernardo Silva started instead of Kyle Walker and Leroy Sane. Benjamin Mendy returned to the group for the first time since September when he broke cross links and even appeared in the game 1/4 hour before the end.

Mike van der Hoorne returned to the swans. Jordan Aui and Andre Aue led Swansea’s attack.
Manchester City – Swansea + 101

The guests from Swansea made a champagne sparrow to meet the Guardiola players when they were on the pitch. The stadium sounded like we were the Queen’s champions.

City started in a championship and by the 16th minute led by 2: 0. First De Bourne took Sterling with a typical technical submission, and the English national dropped to the nearby beam to David Silva, who touched once, then fired past Fabian. Four minutes later Delft made a double with Silva, then centered on Stirling, who finished close – 2: 0. By the break Fabianski saved two strokes on De Bourne, and “citizens” had the ball in 85% of the time.

In the 54th minute de Broene made 3: 0 after a shot shot of over 25 meters. It was the 96th goal for the “Citizens” in the Premier League since the start of the season.

In the 62nd minute, Referee Craig Pusson gave a penalty to the hosts for a controversial defeat by Federico Fernandez against Stirling. Gabriel Jews shoots from a white point but his shot hit the crossbar. Bernardo Silva reached the ball and from a small angle sent it to the door – 4: 0.
Manchester City – Swansea + 101

A few minutes later, guests barely scored an own goal after Stirling centered on a corner kick, and Mowson headed and the ball ricocheted in the far beam.

In the 88th minute, Gabriel Jesse formed the final result after he scored a good goal with a head, finding the perfect centering of Toure Yaya, who earlier replaced Kevin de Bourget. After the final judging signal, City fans went into the pitch to celebrate the title with their favorites.

Manchester City has 29 wins in the Premier League and the next one will be a record high. Swansea, who has no success in his last five championship matches, stays four points above the relegation zone.