The mood in Arsenal returned after the news of Wenger and before the semi-final with Atletico

Arsenal returned to victory after winning 4: 1 over West Ham of Emirates in the first match of the team after the public announcement of Arsene Wenger’s decision to withdraw from the post after the end of the season. Nacho Montreal opened the score in the 51st minute, but Marco Arnautovich equalized in the 64th. Aaron Ramsey’s lucky goal (82 ‘) and two hits of Alexander Lakazet (85’, 89 ‘), however, brought the spectacular success of the “balls” in this London derby.

Wenger bets to a strong team, although next week Arsenal takes Atletico Madrid in the first semi-final for Europa League.

Peter Cech was not in the match for the day, with David Ospeda starting at the door. Pierre-Emerik Obameyang, who has no right to play in Europa League, was left on the bench for the start. Ector Belerin, Laurent Cosies, and Aaron Ramsey returned. Danny Welbeck was a partner of Alexander Lukaset in an attack. Henryh Mhhhhhtirian is still injured, Sead Colasinak and Jack Wilshire also have minor injuries while Mesut Ozil is ill.

David Moyes did not make any changes compared to Stoke City (1: 1). Andrew Carroll stayed on the bench for the start, although he scored in the potters’ match.
The news of Wenger’s withdrawal mobilizes the fans and they have filled the Emirates this time and created a mood for the stands. Arsenal expected to start better. At the ninth minute, Jacka is well off the corner, and Cosielli’s head shot, but the ball went to the side of Joe Hart’s door that did not react.

The Hammers responded and created three good opportunities at the door of Ospeda. Arnautovich first got a pass but did not manage to find the ball well, and Mustafi threw a sword and blocked it too. A minute later, the Austrian got a new chance and this time he managed Mustafa, but his shot from a small corner was killed by Ospeda. Who detected the centering from the subsequent corner, then the ball “landed” on the crossbar.

In the 25th minute Welbeck put a good shot from the border of the penalty area, but the ball passed inches from the right beam. A dozen minutes later, Jacka executed a good foul. Hart followed the situation and murdered.

At the end of the first half, Elveni suffered a severe injury and was pulled out on a stretcher of legs.
Arsenal – West Ham + 67

The second part began with a pass to Montreal, who fired exactly, but right into Hart’s hands from a dozen meters. Shortly afterwards, however, in the 51st minute, the Spaniard opened the score after finding the center kick from Jack’s corner. It was Montreal’s sixth goal since the start of the season. In the 64th minute, West Ham equalized. Arsenal and Arsenal’s defense failed to clear the guests’ attention, and the ball finally came to Arnautovich, who shot very hard in the far corner for 1: 1.

Repetition, however, showed that the Austrian was in an ambush position at an earlier stage of the hammer attack.
Arsenal – West Ham 4: 1 + 67

In the 79th minute, Welbeck fired a very good shot from the corner of the penalty area, but Hart responded well and rescued with one hand. Three minutes later, however, Arsenal came forward again after a misunderstanding between Rice and Hart.
Arsenal – West Ham 4: 1 + 67

Ramsey centered strongly on the left, and the central defender decided to bend at the last minute. The ball passed over him and went into Hart’s door, which also failed to react this time. In the 85th minute Lukaset scored a third goal, which also came after a great deal of luck. The Frenchman shoots to the right, the ball rises to Creswell’s leg and returns to Hart’s door again.
Arsenal – West Ham 4: 1 + 67

Minutes before the end of regular time, Lakazet formed the final result with his second goal today. This time he received from Ramsey around the penalty spot and fired at land. Hart touched the ball, but she was in his door for the fourth time.

Arsenal remains in sixth place, with the “gunners” already having 57 points. West Ham is 15th, six points above the relegation zone.