PSG saved with an own goal at the last minute

French Champion Paris Saint-Germain drew a dramatic 1: 1 draw at his visit to St. Etienne. Unai Emery’s team reached the point of last minute thanks to Mattio Debussi’s own goal. Before that, Remi Kabella opened for the hosts in the 17th minute, but he missed a penalty kick. In the second half, unforgivable misses of Essonne Cavani and Company kept the score unchanged until the last few seconds when Debussi sent the ball to his own door.

The Parisians played a whole second half with a man less when Presnell Kimpembe got a red card in the 41st minute. The guests started without part of their stars, but in front of the third loss of the season, Emery released Tiago Silva and Cavani.
Debussy was at the heart of a goal that St. Etienne led. He centered, PSG defenders did not clear well and Cable sent the ball to the net. The hosts continued to be more active and Alfonso Areola had to save the shots of Romain Amuma and Kevin Mone-Packe.

In the 29th minute, Kimpembe fouls in the Amouma penalty area, but Areoli reflects Kabel’s strike from the white point. Kimpembe got a second yellow card in the 41st minute and further complicated the task of Parisians.
In the second half the players of St. Etienne made a lot of passes and once the beam saved PSG after a blow to the reserve Oussama Tanane. In the 76th minute, Angel di Maria put on an empty door to Cavani, but the Uruguay fired at the top and held for a long time. Shortly after the end of the regular 90 minutes, Cavani could make a rematch, but Stefan Rufie saved his shot. However, the home team’s watchman had little to do when Toma Muehnie centered and Debussy turned the ball into the door of St. Etienne.

In the standings, PSG is a convincing leader with an asset of 84 points and St. Etienne is in 9th with 43.